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Kathryn Chval Interview  -  October 8, 2007, 4:00 p.m. CS Show Me The World Webcast

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[Dr. Kathryn Chval]

Dr. Kathryn Chval
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education
Department of Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, University of Missouri-Columbia

Kathryn Chval is an Assistant Professor and Co-Director of the Missouri Center for Mathematics and Science Teacher Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Dr. Chval is also a Co-Principal Investigator for the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum and the Researching Science and Mathematics Teacher Learning in Alternative Certification Models Project which are both funded by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Chval's research interests include effective methods of teaching mathematics, including teaching English Language Learners, and of preparing teachers. In 2002, she began working with the Multilingual Mathematics Group. The group is currently collaborating on a book titled "Multilingualism in Mathematics Classrooms: Global Perspectives", in which she is co-authoring a chapter.

Prior to joining University of Missouri, Dr. Chval was the Acting Section Head for the Teacher Professional Continuum Program in the Division of Elementary, Secondary and Informal Science Division at the National Science Foundation. She also spent fourteen years at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) directing NSF-funded projects including the Maneuvers with Mathematics Curriculum Development Project, the All Learn Mathematics Project, the America Counts Project and the America Counts Research Study. In addition, she has conducted research and developed models focusing on: preparing teachers of mathematics; effective uses of calculators; enhancing UIC support structures for retaining undergraduates; reforming university remedial mathematics courses; and creating an alternative certification program for middle-school mathematics teachers. Dr. Chval's professional experience also includes teaching third grade as well as mathematics to sixth grade gifted students.


[Dr. John Wedman]

Dr. John Wedman
Director, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
University of Missouri-Columbia


Teaching and learning mathematics in a multilingual classroom is increasingly common, not only in the USA but around the world. Kathryn Chval, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education and founding member of the Multilingual Mathematics Group describes her research and insights related to this global challenge.

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