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Tyrone Holmes Interview  -  September 17, 2008, 1:30 p.m. Conversations on HPT Webcast

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[Dr. Tyrone Holmes]

Dr. Tyrone Holmes
T.A.H. Performance Consultants, Inc.

Tyrone A. Holmes, Ed.D, is the President of T.A.H. Performance Consultants, Inc., a full service human resource development consulting firm specializing in the enhancement of individual and organizational performance. As a dynamic speaker, trainer, consultant and coach, Dr. Holmes has helped countless individuals enhance their ability to communicate, resolve conflict and solve problems in culturally diverse settings. He has created and copyrighted numerous training systems, and speaks on a variety of communication, diversity and wellness topics including Improving Communication in Culturally Diverse Settings, How to Connect Diversity to Performance and How to Start a Successful Exercise Program. Dr. Holmes is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise. He is also certified as a Level 2 (Expert) cycling coach through USA Cycling. For more information, you can visit Dr. Holmes’ website at You can also e-mail him at


[Dr. John Wedman]

Dr. John Wedman
Director, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
University of Missouri-Columbia

[ Elliott McClelland]

Elliott McClelland
Communication Specialist
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies


Hosts John Wedman and Elliott McClelland interview Dr. Tyrone Holmes on the topic of diversity training. According to the 2005 Workplace Diversity Practices study facilitated by the Society for Human Resource Management (Esen, 2005), two-thirds of surveyed organizations offered some type of diversity training for their employees. Unfortunately, this training does not always live up to expectations, especially when it comes to improving individual and organizational performance. One reason for this is that many organizations fail to take the steps needed before and after a training event to make sure educational content is transferred to the workplace in a way that significantly enhances performance. This chapter addresses this problem by introducing a three-phase Performance-Based Diversity Training Model that describes specific steps that must be taken before, during and after a diversity event to ensure it has a positive, measurable impact on employee performance.

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