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Jim Breaugh Interview  -  September 23, 2008, 4:30 p.m. Conversations on HPT Webcast

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Dr. James Breaugh
Professor of Management and Psychology
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Jim Breaugh is a professor of management and of psychology at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. He is a fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. He has written extensively on the topic of employee recruitment. He consults regularly with organizations on issues concerning employee recruitment and selection, and retention.


[Dr. John Wedman]

Dr. John Wedman
Director, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
University of Missouri-Columbia

[ Elliott McClelland]

Elliott McClelland
Communication Specialist
School of Information Science and Learning Technologies


Research has shown that job applicants frequently lack important information about positions for which they are applying. Research also has found that applicants often have inaccurate impressions concerning what these positions are like. Both of these conditions can result in applicants accepting job offers from employers for positions that are not a good fit in terms of the individuals' needs and/or abilities. This lack of fit can result in undesirable outcomes for both employers (e.g., employee turnover) and new employees (e.g., job dissatisfaction). The use of a realistic job preview (RJP) has been shown to be an effective recruitment mechanism for increasing the accuracy of applicants' job and organizational expectations. Possessing accurate expectations, in turn, allows job candidates to make more informed job choice decisions. In this podcast, I discuss why a realistic job preview has beneficial effects, how to design an effective RJP, and situations in which an RJP works best.

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