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Jane Vogler and Diane Schallert Interview  -  November 20, 2013, 3:00 p.m. Voice of Literacy Webcast
Notes: Vogler phone#405-744-9441 Schallert phone#

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[Dr. Jane Vogler]

Dr. Jane Vogler
Assistant Professor
Department of Educational Psychology, College of Education, Oklahoma State University

Jane S. Vogler is an assistant professor in the School of Applied Health and Educational Psychology at Oklahoma State University. At the broadest level, her research interests focus on the learning that occurs within small groups. More specifically, her research projects pursue questions regarding the processes that occur within the group, the learning outcomes of individuals who have participated in such groups, and the relationship between these processes and outcomes
[Dr. Diane Schallert]

Dr. Diane Schallert
College of Education, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Texas-Austin

Diane Schallert is a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin where she has been on the faculty since 1979. She earned her Ph.D. from Arizona State University, was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for the Study of Reading from 1975-1978, and spent one year on the faculty of the University of Arizona. Her research interests have recently been devoted to four areas. One project is an ongoing interest in the discourse of students when interacting in online discussions. Another is related to motivation and emotion associated with constructive criticism. A third line of work involves the many issues related to literacy in a second language, to comprehension and production of texts across languages, to how children learn to read a heritage language, and to issues associated with the literacy practices of immigrants and sojourners, especially as adults. Finally, she is interested in New Literacies broadly defined. This work has been published in several outlets: The Yearbook of the National Reading Conference (and now the Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association),Literacy Research Journal, Journal of Educational Psychology, Discourse Processes, TESOL Quarterly, Modern Language Journal, among others.


[Dr. Betsy Baker]

Dr. Betsy Baker
Professor of Literacy Studies
Department of Learning, Teaching and Curriculum, University of Missouri

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Baker is a Professor of Literacy Studies at the University of Missouri. Dr. Baker's research interests include integration of literacy and technology, new literacies, future literacies, 21st century literacies, multimedia case-based instruction in teacher education, and sociocognition in teacher education, literacy, and new literacies.


Voice of Literacy host, Dr. Betsy Baker, interviews Dr. Jane Vogler, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Oklahoma State University, and Dr. Diane Schallert, Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Texas-Austin.

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