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Kathy Escamilla and Sue Hopewell interview  -  June 30, 2014, 11:00 AM CDS Voice of Literacy Webcast
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[Dr. Sue Hopewell]

Dr. Sue Hopewell
Assistant Professor
Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity, University of Colorado-Boulder

Susan Hopewell is an assistant professor of education in the division of Educational Equity and Cultural Diversity at the University of Colorado. She is interested in issues of language, culture, equity, and identity especially as they impact, or are affected by, (bi)literacy practices. For the past 9 years, she has been intimately involved in a longitudinal biliteracy research study titled Literacy Squared. Her K-12 public school teaching experience includes 8 years as a classroom teacher in a dual-language elementary school, and 4 years as the literacy coach in a maintenance bilingual program.
[Dr. Kathy Escamilla]

Dr. Kathy Escamilla
Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity (EECD), University of Colorado-Boulder

Dr. Kathy Escamilla is a Professor of Education, Division of Social, Bilingual & Multicultural Foundations. Dr. Escamilla’s research centers on educational issues related to Spanish-speaking language minority students in U.S. schools. She is specifically interested in issues related to the development of bilingualism and biliteracy in early elementary grades for this Spanish speaking population. Her recent research has examined assessment practices and the impact of high stakes testing on these children. She has authored three books and over 50 research articles on topics related to literacy and biliteracy for Spanish speaking children in the U.S.


[Dr. Candace Kuby]

Dr. Candace Kuby
Assistant Profesosr
Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum, College of Education, University of Missouri

Dr. Candace Kuby is an Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Missouri. Her scholarship focuses on: 1) critical, inventive, hybrid, and multimodal literacies and 2) innovative qualitative research methodologies. Candace is the author of "Critical literacy in the early childhood classroom: Unpacking histories, unlearning privilege"(2013) with Teachers College Press and co-editor of "Disrupting Qualitative Inquiry: Possibilities and Tensions in Educational Research" (2014) with Peter Lang. Journals in which her scholarship appear include: International Journal for Qualitative Studies in Education; Young Children; Journal of Early Childhood Literacy and Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice.


Voice of Literacy host, Dr. Candace Kuby, interviews Drs. Kathy Escamilla and Sue Hopewell, from the School of Education at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

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